Like in any country, the costs for solicitors, court cases and proceedings are very high in Germany; often amounting to several thousands of Euros. Legal Aid Insurance covers the costs (normally to a maximum of €250,000 per case) for your chosen lawyer, court costs, official evaluations and assessments. It also covers the costs of the opposite party should you be made liable for them.

There are four main areas which you can insure. These are:

  • Private (doctors, purchase contracts, schools, etc.)
  • Traffic (contesting parking or speeding fines, points, etc.)
  • Work (unfair dismissal, employment contract disputes, etc.)
  • Home (disputes with your landlord, neighbors or craftsmen, etc.)

There are also several other insurance packages covering for example inheritance, internet, building and divorce.

Depending on the range of cover required the premiums can vary between €170/year for just private legal aid to about €340/ year for all four main areas. Most insurance companies specify that private legal aid has to be insured before you insure any other area.

Legal Aid Insurance does not reimburse you for any fines you receive.

Finding the right legal aid insurance cover for you

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